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Running To Death is a 2D platformer mobile game that takes place in a post apocalyptic world, where demons run wildly throughout the land, spreading chaos and carnage.  

The player embodies a brave soldier, willing to sacrifice his own life to save other's.

This game was developed as a Second Period Conclusion Project for the Game Development Course at FEEVALE University, sited in Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil. 

Project Developers: 

Afonso Rodenbusch (sceneries and menus artist);

Julia Vanti (Character designer and animator);

Cristian Dreyer (Menus and HUD programmer);

Henrique Barbisan Bittencourt (Gameplay programmer)

Project Mentors:

Eduardo Fernando Müller; 

Tiago Raguze Flores; 

André Benvenuti Trombetta; 

Guilherme Theisen Schneider; 

Gustavo Bülow;

Curso Superior de Tecnologia em Jogos Digitais - Projeto II - 2019/2

Jogo postado em 07/12/2019.

Último Update em 13/12/2019.


RunningToDeath.zip 28 MB
RunningToDeathV.1.apk 97 MB

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